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Feb 18, 2016
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HTF Somdej 9 Arahants
of Great Content & Blessings
B.E. 2538

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VHTF LP Sie Phrom SiNah   
With Very Nice Faces
Wat Sakae, Ayuthaya, B.E. 2519

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Efficacious Takrut For Real Guys:   
LP Pern's Tiger-skin Takrut
Wat BangPhra, Late 2530s

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HTF LP Sakorn Khunpaen PraiGuman
Roon Phapah, Nua Chompoo, Phim Yai
Wat NongKrub, B.E.2546    

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Professional item:     
HTF KleebBua Wat LingKob, Early 2410s
Blessed by Somdej Toh of Wat Rakang

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HTF LP Chong Baked Clay NangPhaya
Phim Yai, Lang Riab,    
Wat NatangNok, B.E. 2500

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' Once & Forever...  
HTF LP Pae KhunPaen, Phim Klang
Wat PikulThong, B.E.2522  

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HTF LP Doem "Little Big" Pidta   
Phim Chalood, Wat NongPho,
Late 2470s- Early 2480s

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HTF LP Waen Rian MahaSetthi  
For Wealth & Fortune
Wat Doi MaePang, B.E.2520

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HTF LP Waen Leela ThoongSetthi 
For Wealth & Fortune     
Wat DoiMaePang, B.E. 2517

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  Learn more authentic items:
Complete Nice-faced   
LP Kuay Efficacious Bailan Sivali
For Wealth & Fortune, Wat Kositaram,
Early 2510s

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LP Luesie Lingdam Phim Khee Hanuman
Wat BangNomkho, Ayuthaya
Early 2490s

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Learn the Pidta's bottom and code at the chest:
LP Koon's Top Most Popular
Pidta YantYoong, MahaLapho KoonLarp
Ut Tianchai & Takrut ThongKum
Wat Banrai, B.E.2536
Learn the Kring's magnificent classic surface:
LP Nak Kring BoonBaramee 
Of Classic Look "Piu SamritDej"
Wat Rakang, B.E. 2511

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What is "Nua Chompoo" for this item:
PajjekBodhi Mahalarp 
For Great Wealth & Fortune      
LP Luesie Lingdam, B.E. 2534

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Learn & see original complete top cap:
Phim Khee PlaMoh    
LP Parn's "RoiPee" Commemoration
Wat BangNomkho, B.E.2518

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Learn & see "Na" code on the Pidta's bottom: 
LP Koon Pidta YantYoong
MahaLapho KoonLarp
Wat Banrai, B.E.2536

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Learn 5-tier Yant Unalom on the backside:
LP Kuay Fantastic-design   
5-Buddha-script-based Somdej
Lang Yant Unalom
Wat Kositaram, Mid 2510s

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Learn greenish yellow content of the mini statue:
VHTF Chinnaraj Indochine
Phim NahNang Saoha
Wat Suthat , B.E.2485

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See dry Chinese lacquer of the Pidta:
LP Buay Pidta
NuaPhong JoomRak
Lang ChediNoon
Wat Kruawan, Early 2500s

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See calcium carbonate layers on the backside:
LP Hin 1st Batch Somdej   
Phim ChediLek
Wat Rakang, B.E. 2482

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Learn old candlewax on the sheath & holder:
LP Nai MeedMoh   
"KaoKwaiPuak" Sheath & Holder
Wat BaanJaeng, Ayuthaya
Late 2510s

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Learn & see dry Chinese lacquer looking like:
LP Doem's "Little Big" Pidta   

Wat NongPho, Late 2470s

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See wood-grain stripes on the backside:
LP Thaab NangPhaya   
DhanBua, Lang Kradan
w / Shellac Coat
Wat KrabokKuenpueng, Early 2500s

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Closely look & remember the surface & content:
Top Efficacious   
KleebBua Phong 'Kropetch' of LP Parn
By LP Lek, Wat BangNomkho
Early 2480s

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