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July 25, 2014
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  Index List (Available)
  LP Doem KleebBua NuaTakua, Larng Yant, Late 2470s    
LP Pae KhunPaen Phim Lek, Wat PikulThong, B.E.2522    

Phim Khee Men LP Parn's "RoiPee" Commemoration, B.E.2518    
LP Nak Somdej Phim Devada ProkBodhi, Late 2490s    

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  Library Archive
(For Your Study & Knowledge)
  LP Kuay Somdej Dhan Na-Mo-Budh-Dha-Ya, Mid 2510s     
LP Luesie Lingdam's Phim KheeGai, Early 2490s   
Somdej 9 Arahants of Great Content & Blessing, B.E. 2538  
LP Pern's Tiger-skin Takrut, Wat BangPhra, Late 2530s   
LP Kuay Efficacious Herbal Sivali, Early 2510s  

LP Nak Somdej Phim Devada, Wat Rakang, Mid 2490s    
LP Luesie Lingdam Riding Bird Mold, Early 2490s
LP Nak Somdej Phim WaekMaan, Lang Yant, Early 2490s  
LP Luesie Lingdam Phim KheeKrut "Kanaen", Mid 2490s   

LP Doem Pidta "Lang Yant", Wat NongPho, Late 2470s
LP Ngern Mini Statue, Phim Nah NokHook, 2470s-80s
Somdej 9 Arahants Kammakarn Mold B.E. 2538
LP Ngern Mini Statue Phim Yai, By Acharn Jae, 2470s-2480s  
Chinnaraj Indochine, Phim NahNang, Wat Suthat , B.E.2485   

LP Waen Rian MahaSetthi For Wealth & Fortune, B.E.2520   
Somdej 9 Arahants of Great Content & Blessings B.E. 2538 

LP Parn Pidta Nua Phong KlukLuk Wat Kruawan, Early 2500s  
LP Ngern Mini Statue By LP Tiang, B.E. 2500
LP Doem "Little Big" Pidta KongkraphanChatri, Late 2470s
LP Kuay GumanThong, Wat Kositaram, B.E.2521    
LP Parn Pidta NuaPhong KlukRak, ChoobRak, Late 2500s  
LP Nak Somdej SoomRakang, w/ Rich SWR Fragments, Mid 2490s    

LP Kuay Baked Clay Sivali w/ Complete Facial Organs, Early 2510s   
LP Tae Leela ThoongSetthi Phim Yai, NuaWaan, B.E.2506   
LP Nak Somdej Phim ProkBodhi Yoi, Wat Rakang, Mid 2490s

LP Nak Kring BoonBaramee "Piu SamritDej", Wat Rakang, B.E. 2511
LP Parn Pidta Nua Gala, Wat Kruawan, Early 2500s
LP Doem's "Little Big" Pidta KongkraphanChatri, Late 2470s    
LP Kuay Khunpaen Lang Gumanthong, NuaDin, Early 2500s
LP Sakorn Khunpaen PraiGuman( w/ 2 Silver Takruts) Nua Chompoo   
LP Nak Somdej, Phim SamChan SianToh, Wat Rakang, Mid 2490s
LP Waen Rian MahaSetthi, Wat DoiMaepang, B.E.2520     
Somdej 9 Arahants of Great Content & Blessings, B.E. 2538 
LP Luesie Lingdam Phra PajjekBuddhaChao Mahalarp. B.E.2534  
KleebBua Phong Kropetch of LP Parn By LP Lek, Early 2480s 
LP Daeng Somdej Phim Tuen, Nua Phong, B.E.2513
LP Pern Tiger-skin Takrut For Real Guys, Late 2530s
ChaoKhun Nor "ChanLoi", Wat Silakhan, B.E.2513  
LP Parn Miraculous Phayant By LP Luesie Lingdam, Early 2520s 

LP Waen Rian MahaSetthi With Khom Script Code, B.E.2520
Acharn Jae's LP Ngern Mini Statue, Phim Nah NokHook, 2470s-80s    

LP Doem KleebBua NakProk, Nua Mekkaphat, Late 2470s    
LP Kaew's Shadow Amulet: LP Parn Pidta, Wat Kruawan, Early 2500s   
LP Lampoo Somdej, Phim GesBuatoom, BanjuKru, B.E.2502  
LP Nak Somdej, SianToh OkKrabok "Chae NamMon", Mid 2490s
LP Daeng's Miraculous Chinnaraj "PhraDhat Sadet, B.E.2513 

LP Ngern Mini Statue "Krasae OmKeow" By LP Tiang     
LP Nak Somdej Phim SianToh OkKrabok "LongRak", Mid 2490s
LP Daeng Pidta Jumbo Nua DinGaoChai, B.E. 2511     
LP Kuay Sivali "NuaDin" For Wealth & Fortune, Early 2510s
LP Nak Somdej Phim ProkBodhi Yoi, Wat Rakang, Mid 2490s  

Phim KheeGai Harng HaSen "Black Diamond", B.E.2518    
Acharn Jae's LP Ngern Mini Statue Phim Yai, 2470s-80s     
LP Sakorn Khunpaen PraiGuman Roon Phapah, Nua Khao, B.E.2546 
LP Kuay Sivali "NuaDin" For Wealth & Fortune, Early 2510s  

LP Waen Leela ThoongSetthi, Wat DoiMaePang, B.E. 2517  
ChaoKhun Nor Efficacious NangKwak, Wat Dhepsirin, B.E. 2495    
LP Nak Somdej SoomRakang w/ Rich SWR Fragments, Mid 2480s  
Phim KheeGai Harng HaSen, Wat BangNomkho, B.E.2518
LP Kuay's Khunpaen GumanThong NuaDin (Black), Early 2510s

LP Kuay's High-relief Sivali, NuaDin, Early 2500s     
LP Sakorn Khunpaen PraiGuman, Nua Chompoo, B.E.2546      

LP Lampoo Somdej, Phim GesBuatoom, BanjuKru, B.E.2502
LP Doem KleebBua Larng NakProk, Nua Takua, Late 2470s     
LP Sakorn KhunPaen PraiGuman, Wat NongKrub, B.E.2546 
LP Kuay Efficacious GumanThong, Wat Kositaram, Late 2510s 

LP Kuay KhunPaen SoomRuanKaew, LarngJarn, Late 2490s   
LP Chong Baked Clay Nangkwak "BaiSema", Early 2490s  
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